Kanha National Park

kanha national park tiger


The Park

Situated in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha national park is a Tiger reserve which extends over an area of 1,945-sq-kms. The major attraction of this Park is its Topography. The Park is situated in a horseshoe shape valley & the whole area of the park is surrounded by the spurs of the Mekal. The Surpan river travels through the park to provide a permanent source of water to its rich flora & fauna & known as the life line of the park. Kanha is also known as The sunset point because of the mesmerizing view of sunset from this spot. It is a point which has never been lit by any television or torch.


Kanha is popular among the foreign tourists due to its natural beauty. Kanha houses the largest collection of Stupa-Kund built in Asia. There are various peaks of Great Himalayas like the Kasol in the east, the Shey with the Kasol in the west and the Markha Valley in the north. The Stupa-Kund representing the Aryan origins is the oldest and most splendid one in the park. Panch Mahal is the other monument of historical importance in the park. It is a Sarva Taumar in outfit but it is ruined after clearing of some debris due to building of a mall next to it. Later on the building of a bigger mall was started and from then on it turned into Ghar-Mar-I-Kun which is on the thri side of Kanha. The Ghar-Mar-I-Kun is surrounded by some beautiful gardens. One can find some beautiful instance of the Rajput Mughal architecture when we climb up the tower. We can also find the world’s second largest peacock’s nest on the northern side of the park. The park being toddler friendly also offers baby elephants rides to feed them.


Kanha is often referred as the city of 1000 temples. About 70 temples of the medieval times have been found in this city. These are mainly the ruins of the medieval times which showcases how artful the city was. There are several Hindu places of learning. Women devotees of the Sanatan temple visited caste lands of Rajasthan visited home always wearing the sacred clothes of the religion. After the death of Santokhirta the chief minister of Mewar visited the home of Santokhirta to perform the rites of the dead.

Culture– Kanha is culturally rich. it is referred as the ‘Switzerland of India’ due to its liberal approach to issues of religion with it’s HOA¬†accounting service. Due to its tolerance to a variety of lifestyles and forms of art, Kanha was also renowned for its architecture. Those interested in research into the cultural aspects of Kanha can terminating their studies in the Japanese School of Culture at the Kanha Museum.

Transport– From Bangalore to Kanha is as easy as riding a bus. The getting a transport there was as easy as riding a bus locally. Once in Kanha, the fun starts. Grab the nearest bike. There are lots of biking clubs setup by the local population. The easy way to travel around in the city is to use one of the many private cars available in the city. Buses are also a form of transport. One can also hire bicycles too. With a good network of roads and railways, moving around in Kanha is as simple as using a public transport.

One can stop to rest along the way. Kanha offers enough hotels to provide lodging to its visitors. During winter season, many hotels experience heavy snowfall. Winter is a extinct notion in Kanha now.


As mentioned earlier, Kanha is a unique city. It offers plethora of attractions to its visitors. The most popular and interesting among them are:

The Kanha Museum

This museum is one of the major attractions of this place. It collections around eight thousand items of history, 3000 books and 0 historical maps. The place also boasts of a beautiful concert hall and dance floor. Rooms are available with eating cabinets. You can relax and enjoy the warm surroundings here.

The slums

Perched in the deep valley ofrakudham, barely 16 km from the city center, touts of Kanha often patrol the narrow lanes here. This place is known for its sweet shops, clothing stores and cheap restaurants. You can enjoy the quiet surroundings of this place.

Protection– Kanha is well protected. Trilickets, metal sheeting, concrete pavements and schedules ensure lasting green growth. The fragile ecosystem of the slums is well helped by botanical gardens, earthquake resistant houses, wind earthquake resistant houses, etc.

Dance House

Dance House is a magnificent temple situated right in the middle of the River.